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This Batman series won't make the same mistake as Marvel

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In 2023, many observers have sounded the alarm regarding superhero films and series. Their audience is at half mast, while the public looks elsewhere, and in particular towards new renewed franchises such as Barbie or Super Mario.

DC wants to differentiate itself from Marvel

Casey Bloys, head of content for HBO and Max, who is notably preparing the spin-off series of The Batman, The Penguin, for his part, wants to remain optimistic. Interviewed by our colleagues from Deadline, he underlines: « I don't know if’ it is necessarily a question of a weariness with regard to films with great spectacle, but rather of a standardization of the narration”.

The leader adds:

I think the key, even within DC, is to try to tell different stories in different styles, to not try to do the same show over and over and over.

He cites the example of what DC Comics currently offers: «  I would say that Peacemaker is a very different series from The Penguin tonally. So there's no uniformity in the storytelling, and I think that helps.”.

< p>Even if he never names his rival, we could see an allusion to Marvel which has saturated the public a little too much with content. As for Warner Bros, it seems to have given up on building a unique extended universe similar to the MCU. On the contrary, Casey Bloys welcomes the fact “There isn’t just one set of stories. There are many stories that you can refer to».

And in fact, the Pinguin series seems on very good tracks. It can notably rely on the presence of Colin Farell in the main role. The latter seems to be having the time of his life. Full of optimism, he explained in 2022: «His violence is apparent (…) and his ability to use it as a tool are present, but we see that we all have weaknesses. Each person. And being able to find that loophole, dig around it, that would be fun.”

As for the rest of the casting, it is also of high quality. We thus note the presence of Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) who will play Sofia Falcone. The participation of John Turturro (Severance) in Carmine Falcone is also mentioned. Clancy Brown (The Mandalorian) will play Salvatore Maroni.

Are you, like us, enthusiastic about this spin-off series ? Don't hesitate to give your point of view in the comments. While waiting to find out more, you can reread our article dedicated to this project here.

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