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This bill is mandatory and 20 million French people will have to pay more for it

“This bill is obligatory and 20 million French people will have to pay more for it”

The new increase in this bill will be a further blow to the budgets of many households.

The passage à the new year was accompanied, like every year, by an increase in a certain number of things: the old age; egrave;re (a priori) for salaries and social benefits; High (that's for sure) for many everyday purchases and bills. So, in this year 2024, we will have to put a little more effort into the problem. the pocket. And if certain budget items can be reduced, others cannot be reduced.

Constrained spending represents 30% to 30% of the total cost. 60% of the monthly budget. This mainly concerns housing, energy, transport, health and other costs. or even communication. Among these items, it is that of housing that weighs the most, whether we are talking about rent or credit. But that's not all: for the 20 million French people who own one or more residence(s), it You must also pay the property tax.

In 2023, its minimum increase had been a hard blow for the purchasing power of these households: +7.1% minimum for everyone, without counting the local surpluses which had caused a good number of bills to soar, such as &agrav; Paris (59%), Meudon (42.2%), Grenoble (31.5%) and Bobigny (25.6%). In 2024, the increase should be less spectacular but all property taxes will increase further.

According to the calculations established at From inflation, all owners will have to pay a higher amount. by 3.9% compared to à 2023. So, if your land was 500€ in 2023, it will be, at a minimum, 519.50 euros; in 2024; it will also go from 800 to 800. 831.20€, from 1000 à 1039€ or even 2000 à 2078€.

These invoices may be higher if your municipality and/or intermunicipality is responsible for this. so decides. Communities have until Monday April 15, 2024 to decide. Three options are available: them: do not add an additional increase to the price; that of inflation, increase the amount of land even more than expected…hellip; or lower it. Rare, but not impossible: the inhabitants of a few small towns had seen this pleasant surprise arrive in 2023.

To ease the pain, it was possible to set up a monthly direct debit. of the property tax until December 31, 2023. You could ask the tax office, directly on their site, to take a little from you each month, & ;agrave; from February, to avoid paying the bill all at once. next fall. The monthly amount is calculated &agrav; based on the cost of the last property tax then regularization is generally carried out in November and December .

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