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This little line must be checked before renting accommodation but no one does it

Many landlords are unaware that they need to do an essential check before renting their apartment.

The market rental is booming. More than 7 million households are renting in this city. the year of their habitation and at least 800,000 housing units are dedicated to this purpose. short-term tourism rental é throughout France. This latter practice is experiencing rapid development and represents around 20% of nights booked as part of holidays: 1& nbsp;person in 5 prefers to stay with a private individual rather than in a private home. the hotel. Thus, more and more owners are turning to this type of temporary rental rather than annual, in order to maximize revenue.

A choice which is not without consequences for the inhabitants of tourist regions, who are finding it more and more difficult to afford their services. find accommodation without spending a fortune. If the State and town halls try to regulate this practice with the establishment of high taxes, it is a little-known, forgotten point. ;eacute; or ignored by property owners who could well outlaw them.

When purchasing an apartment, the co-ownership regulations apply. is handed over to the new owner. An often tedious and technical document which should nevertheless be read carefully. Indeed, they are hiding à inside a few lines which authorize or not the exercise of short-term rental. A search “that it is better to do first”, warns Baptiste Bochart, lawyer at Jedeclaremonmeuble.com. In case of contraindication, the activity seasonal rental (not long term) will therefore be considered illegal.

But how to quickly find this information? "You have to look for the absence of a bourgeois housing clause, strictly bourgeois housing or other similar formula,” explains this short-term rental specialist.

This is usually clearly stated on the page. in a chapter entitled; "Use of the building" and in the "Destination of the building'section. Mentions such as 'the premises may only be occupied in a bourgeois manner'. or “commercial activities are prohibited” explain the impossibility of to do "AirBnb" type rentals.

Ignoring this rule may result in legal proceedings being initiated by other co-owners and/or the co-ownership trustee. While it is often preferable to settle the dispute in person, amicably, this can go all the way to court. In January 2023, an owner lost before the N's Court of Appeal for having engaged in seasonal rental while the regulations allow it ;forbidden. She had been condemned to pay 1500€ to the trustee.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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