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This bill skyrockets suddenly for thousands of French people: we already know when it will go down

For several months, 400,000 people will see a bill soar. Before it drops, à a date already set planned.

This is another big blow to the wallets of thousands of French people, one of those we could do without. Little highlighted because it does not represent a significant part of the monthly household budget, a bill will experience a surge of nearly 50% during several months, due to a new special rule. However, it is already there. expected that this will drop and the date has already been set. été fixed.

Since June 1, the price of water has increased. for more than 400,000 households. And not just a little: +42% on the score! An increase which is part of the new water pricing policy, depending on the seasons, which aims to To be deployed throughout France. Objective: to reduce consumption and limit the effects of the scarcity of resources in France.

This bill skyrockets suddenly for thousands of French people: we already know when it will go down

This outbreak particularly concerns Toulouse, but also the 36 other municipalities which constitute the metropolis around the Pink City. For a few months, residents will have to pay more for this commodity which is becoming rare. In any case, this is the argument that the metropolis put forward to justify its choice, citing “a throughput extremely low of the Garonne in recent summers." Through this system, the metropolis wants to encourage consume less water, in a period during which the gardens are watered several times a week to maintain their greenery in the face of sunlight. heat and during which the swimming pools are regularly filled by their owners.

While this can obviously be frightening and worrying for one's finances, this increase is not permanent. In fact, the Toulouse metropolis has implemented seasonal water pricing. So, in fall and winter, prices will drop. But not as much as they will have increased. The planned reduction will only be “only" by 30%. This will take place à from October 31. Toulouse Métropole indicated that the increases and decreases would be applied on a fixed basis: 3.34 euros/m3. Thus, from June to June October, the rate will be 4.40€/m3, then increase to 4.40€ 2.58€/m3 from November à May.

Concretely, what impact will this have on the water bill? According to the estimates made by the metropolis, this will be painless in a home of three people without a garden or swimming pool (an increase of 60 cents on the annual bill), while those who have a garden and a swimming pool will have to pay, approximately, more than 80 euros additional each year. How is it possible to predict a stable bill for some households, when the drop will not be as strong as the rise ? The metropolis affirms that the # 39;ésummer&eac;, the population will consume less due to the price of m3. Ô Toulouse…

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