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This court decision which pushes the director of Sciences Po to resign

Implicated for domestic violence, the director of Sciences-Po Mathias Vicherat announced his resignation this Wednesday March 13, 2024.

Mathias Vicherat resigns. Arrival in November 2021, the director of Sciences-Po has just resigned from his post after learning of his dismissal to the French side. of his ex-wife, the actress and director Anissa Bonnefont, before the criminal court in a case of domestic violence, he explains this Wednesday March 13, 2024 in an internal message .  

"It's less my person than the institution that matters to me"

"I learned that my ex-partner and I were being referred to the criminal court (…) I had to' I have decided, in order to preserve (the institution), to resign from my position as director of the Institute of ;political studies of Paris and administrator of the National Foundation of Political Sciences" he indicates in a message sent &agrav; the community educational background from Sciences-Po and confirmed &agrav; AFP by the management of the establishment. 

"It's less my person than the institution that matters to me" he continued. On his sideé and in agreement with the Minister of Higher Education and Research, the management of Sciences-Po Paris indicates that a “provisional administration will be appointed in the next few days (…) until 'à the appointment of a next management" from the AFP.

Facts that go back à December 2023

À Originally, everything would have gone, one evening in December 2023, with the arrival at the police station of the ex-partner of Mathias Vicherat, who then wished to file an action against the latter, claiming to have been pushed by the director of the elite school and thus fell to the ground. He would also have liked deposited complaint for having received a slap. Both had been attacked. placed in custody seen then released. 

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