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iPhone and DMA: the 3 big new features are transforming your daily life

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The European Union is transforming the iPhone. Apple is known for its closed system, but to comply with the Digital Markets Act, the new EU legislation, the firm had to make many concessions. Whether for app distribution, payments, or transfers of personal data to competing products, iPhone is becoming a more open operating system, and closer to its competitor Android. Here are the 3 big changes for the iPhone, in the EU, which will have an impact on your daily life.

1 – The end of the App Store monopoly

On Android, users have the option to download their apps from the Google Play Store, from a third-party app store, or directly install an app downloaded from the web. Before the DMA, this freedom did not exist on the iPhone. But to comply with new European Union legislation, Apple ended up allowing developers to offer App Store competitors on iOS (but with important conditions). Among the companies that intend to take advantage of this new opportunity is the video game developer Epic.

Epic intends to launch its video game store on iPhone, and relaunch its flagship title, Fortnite. As a reminder, this game was banned by Apple, due to a dispute between Epic and the Cupertino company over Apple's commissions on purchases in games and applications. Furthermore, in addition to third-party application stores, certain developers (who meet the criteria established by Apple) will even be able to distribute their applications directly from their websites.

In other words, it will be possible to install certain apps on iPhone without going through the App Store or one of its future competitors. On the other hand, to take advantage of this new feature, you will have to be patient. Apple indicates that this ability to download applications directly without going through a store will be available later this spring.

2 – The end of the Apple Pay monopoly

The DMA also requires Apple to end its closed system for contactless payments in the European Union. Specifically, in February, the firm announced new APIs that allow developers of banking applications and digital wallets to use the iPhone's NFC module for contactless payments.

And that's not all, since Apple also allows you to select another contactless payment application (other than Apple Pay) as the default payment application on the iPhone. “As announced by the European Commission, Apple is implementing changes related to DMA compliance which have repercussions on contactless payments”, the firm indicated .

3 – Better data portability

DMA also ensures better data portability for iPhone users in the European Union. Later, it should be easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. Indeed, by the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025, Apple will offer new tools that will allow iOS competitors (mainly Android) to develop better tools for transferring user data from an iPhone to another operating system. exploitation.

Bonus: RCS

Finally, it should be remembered that Apple has already announced that it will support RCS messaging technology, already adopted by Android, on the iPhone. Thanks to this feature, texting will be simpler and more convenient between iPhone users and Android users. However, this change would have been announced by Apple to comply with Chinese regulations, but not to comply with the DMA.

  • To comply with the DMA, Apple is making iOS a slightly more open system, in the EU
  • Changes include the ability to install an iPhone app from a third-party store, or directly from its developer's site
  • Apple also allows competitors to 'Apple Pay to use the NFC module of the iPhone
  • And this will facilitate the transfer of data, for people who leave iOS to use an Android

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