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This danger awaits us in space, and NASA has revealed its plan

What would happen if an asteroid threatened to hit Earth, causing a global cataclysm? NASA revealed ; the international alert system which would make it possible to warn the population and avoid catastrophe.

The collision between Earth and a large asteroid causing a global catastrophe is an enticing scenario for a science fiction film. And yet, the threat posed by these space travelers is taken very seriously by NASA. The US Space Agency continually monitors asteroids and their trajectories in order to avoid extinction. be caught off guard if one of them ventured a little too close to our planet.

While dinosaurs probably originated surprised when the sky fell on them; on the head 66 million years ago, space agencies are doing everything they can to ensure that we do not suffer the same fate than them. The consequences of such an impact could be disastrous depending on the size of the meteorite, resulting in ;events of tsunamis, earthquakes or even a cloud of ash in the atmosphere, which would plunge the Earth into the heart of a freezing winter for long periods of time. years. Rest assured,   Currently none of these space objects present an imminent danger to our planet. Nevertheless, the United Nations created a network named International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) which coordinates their monitoring & on a global scale. Recently, NASA revealed the the international alert procedure that would be followed in the event of detection of a dangerous asteroid by this network.

By imagining that an object of this type passed through under the radar all this time be spottedé and presents a serious threat, two scenarios would be considered. If the planet threatened the United States, NASA would give priority warning to the United States. the White House which would then be responsible for warning the population. In the event thatù If the threat were of international magnitude, the IAWN would notify the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs which would put in place a planetary defense plan.

The whole challenge in the event of an alert is to locate the star early enough ;t to be able to act ' time. According to the magazine Geo, NASA would need a period of 10 years before the collision to have time to put in place a suitable device. &agrav; the situation. With a margin of 10 years, NASA plans to deviate the trajectory of the planet to avoid collision. A conclusive test has already been completed. été led&eac; with the DART mission which deviated from Bennu's planet in 2022 by crashing a space probe its surface. On the other hand, for a more imminent threat where ù it would be impossible to modify the trajectory of the object ' At some point, it would be necessary to consider destroying the iron planet with a nuclear bomb, but this alternative would be very difficult. ;nbsp;risky for Earth, due to fragment impacts…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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