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This expert uses shaving cream in his car to avoid a big chore in winter

Here is a simple and inexpensive tip with an everyday product that only seasoned motorists know.

What do you think about while shaving ? Certainly not à fogging which tends to feel comfortable on the windshield of your car when it's wet. However, this phenomenon affects all motorists, forced to deal with a foggy passenger compartment. as soon as the outside temperatures become cooler. The result of condensation, mist forms on the surface of a window when its temperature is lower than that of the window. that of ambient humid air. It is very common from the first days of autumn and can continue until spring. This is very annoying because the fog on the windows prevents you from having good visibility. to drive.

It can even turn out to be dangerous if you don't take the time to completely wipe your windshield and its wipe the side windows with a cloth before driving. Of course, the car's ventilation system allows the windows to be defogged, but you still have to wait a few moments before the window starts to fog up. air becomes hot enough to make them transparent again. Otherwise, there is a simple, effective tip that involves very little cost. And we can think about it while shaving, à condition of knowing it…

To prevent the appearance of fogging in a car, you can apply… foam to the vehicle. shave on the windows! To do this, the tiktoker cleantime62, automobile expert, recommends spreading the windows thinly. Using a microfiber cloth, apply a layer of foam to all the glass parts of the vehicle and leave to act for around ten minutes. Then, with another clean, dry cloth, clean the windows to remove the product. This operation creates a thin film on the treated surfaces, not visible to the outside world. the naked eye, but which will remain active for several weeks. Enough to avoid fighting against fogging for a while. This layer will in fact act as an anti-fog and keep your windshield and windows clear, despite the weather. humidity atmospheric.

This operation is quick and easy. achieve and ask for help. Be renewed every three or four weeks. If you didn't know, know that the Highway Code stipulates that it is prohibited to drive a vehicle with fog that could impair visibility. &agrav; through the windshield, rear window and front side windows. In the event of an infraction, the fine will increase. pay is high. 68 euros. Think about that the next time you find yourself busy in front of a mirror. fight against your hairiness.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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