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Too few motorists know this rule when it snows, yet the infraction costs 68 euros

Driving on snow has certain rules that give rise to certain rules. fines in the event of non-compliance.

Everyone loves snow. Or almost. For motorists, especially those who live in areas where snowflakes only fall once or twice a year, snowy episodes are rather sources of anxiety. Driving on snow is actually not easy. We already need to do this. know how to adapt your driving style. Ban heavy acceleration and sudden steering movements, all the experts will tell you: driving smoothly is the best solution to avoid going sideways. Just as important, if not more so, it is recommended equip your vehicle with snow tires and/or snow chains. snow tires which are designed to improve grip on snowy or icy roads.

All these recommendations are rather common sense and are known to a large majority of people. of motorists. But there are other rules to follow. respect when driving in winter weather conditions. Among these, one is ignored by too many motorists. If most of them think about it, When removing snow from their windshield before driving off, many forget to remove the snow that has accumulated on the roof of their vehicle. In the event of heavy snowfall, a layer of 10 à 15 centimeters can be deposited on the roof quite quickly. It is probably because it does not interfere with driving that most drivers do not bother to remove it.

This negligence can, however, have serious consequences. Because the snow piled up on the roof slowly melts away. small and the risk of seeing it come off in a large block is great in the event, for example, of a brake application that is a little too sudden. In this case the consequences can be disastrous for the occupants of the following vehicle. Just as well if the block of ice falls right in front of his wheels or, even worse, on his windshield. Unintentionally, the driver who has not cleared the snow his roof could cause a traffic accident for which he will be held responsible.

It is to avoid these dangers that the police are often uncompromising in respecting the Highway Code in this matter . This, via article R. 312-19, indicates that it is the driver's responsibility to clear the snow and ice covering the roof of his vehicle ;hicule before hitting the road." Failure to do so is punishable by a 3rd category fine, i.e. an amount of 68 euros per person. pay. It's better to know this to avoid an unpleasant surprise and putting other road users in danger.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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