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This homemade product only costs a few euros, it is perfect for easily cleaning your car

This homemade product is perfect for easily cleaning the interior and exterior of the car.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter… A car gets dirty no matter the season. It is not for nothing that automotive experts advise cleaning your vehicle regularly to keep it in good condition. for as long as possible the shine of its first days. In an ideal world, a motorist should wash their car once a month. But apart from certain professionals, like taxi drivers for whom the car must remain impeccable, who does so ? There is always the possibility' to drop off your vehicle at a cleaning specialist, or in a car wash, but at a later date a regular rhythm, the note can very quickly move to another level. three digits.

The most economical way to keep a car clean, both indoors and outdoors. both outside and inside. The inside is to wash it yourself. Many cleaning products exist on the market, but it is possible to make some that are just as effective for much less. And in this period of soaring prices, there are no small savings. So, if you intend to give it a little makeover, &agrav; your city car, sedan or SUV before the arrival of spring, here is the secret to making yourself a product that will wash the bodywork just as well, wheels, windows and the interior of your vehicle, including the seats!

To make your potion, it only takes a few seconds. Fill a spray bottle with 1 liter of hot water, add 10 cl of liquid black soap and finally 2 spoons of water. bicarbonate powder soup. Mix everything and voila! for a few cents a product that will greatly facilitate cleaning your car. For the result to be perfect, we advise you first to give the bodywork a quick jet of water to get rid of the dust. re.

Then you will only have '' sprinkle your mixture on each surface à clean then wipe over it with a microfiber cloth. The difference on the bodywork is impressive as the latter quickly regains all its shine. On wheels and rims, use the same process as before. but with a small brush or a brush à teeth this time. The darkness will disappear in favor of a pretty metallic gray.

Black soap mixed with &agrav; water and bicarbonate also allows you to clean the interior of the car without much effort. From the dashboard to the windows and the seats, dirt can be easily removed. do not resist him. Once the major cleaning is finished, a quick rinse will help. Clear water will remove any traces. Without having to tire yourself out à rub vigorously, your vehicle will shine like new. his finest hours. And for next to nothing.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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