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In this department, and nowhere else, drivers can lose their license for these common offenses

To stop an increasingly widespread phenomenon on the roads, the police of this department are now withdrawing the driving licenses of motorists at fault.

This is what we call taking the bull by the horns. The police are tired of seeing certain motorists do anything while driving and play with their lives and those of others by not respecting the rules. ;eacute;mentaries of the Highway Code. In 2023, 3,402 people died on the roads of mainland France or overseas. A slightly lower figure compared to the previous year. 2022 (-4.7%) but which nevertheless still sends shivers down your spine. The offenses are still as numerous as ever. And among them, one is very often responsible for accidents, more or less serious.

It is for this reason that the police in a department in the south of France were instructed not to let anything pass. On the basis of a decree prefectural, they can now withdraw the driving license of motorists who commit an offense while having their mobile phone in their hands. Usually, getting into trouble while using your phone results in your driver's license being withheld for 72 hours, which can then be followed by administrative withdrawal. Excessive speed, crossing a solid line or even failure to respect safety distances now cost, with the aggravating circumstance of the concomitant use of the Smartphone, the suspension of the license for several months in the town of Agen and its surroundings.

It is in fact in the department of Lot-et-Garonne, known in particular for its wines, its prunes and its numerous castles, that the gendarmerie received the order to crack down on those who phone or text while driving, or even worse, watch videos. Road controls have already been implemented. été reinforced in the department and the police are no longer reluctant to respond. withdraw the driving license of motorists guilty of a double offense, even if, as we can read on Le Petit Bleui d'Agen, they are asked to to exercise discernment.

In the Code of All, article R412-6-1 stipulates that the use of a telephone is not permitted. phone held in the hand of the driver of a vehicle in circulation is prohibited. The motorist faces a fixed fine of 135 euros, which can go up to 135 euros. 375 euros if you miss the deadline to pay it. It is accompanied by the loss of 3 points on the driving license. The offender also risks an additional penalty of suspension of the driving license, for a maximum period of three years.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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