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This legendary animated series makes its big return to TV

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The human body, space, the Earth, life… For many years, Maestro and his friends have educated a host of children on a large number of subjects through the successful saga Once upon a time….

Created by Albert Barillé in 1978, this edutainment animation series aimed at young people has marked the childhood of most of us. But for several years, no new episode has seen the light of day. Much to the dismay of many fans. We had to wait more than fifteen years for the cult series Once upon a time… to get a new season. Here's everything you need to know about Once upon a time…these funny objects.

Maestro is interested in objects

Maestro and his gang are interested in many subjects, each more fascinating than the last. In 2024, Once upon a time…looks at the history of objects! The slide, the fork, the bicycle, the toilet or even the soccer ball are all objects that have shaped our world or that simplify our lives. They will soon have no more secrets for your dear little ones. Indeed, they will all be carefully analyzed by the heroes of Once upon a time… these strange objects. After the death of creator Albert Barillé in 2009, it was Hélène Barillé who took charge and produced this highly anticipated new season.

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2024 obliges, Once upon a time… offers modernized graphics, more fashionable with our era. But rest assured, Jean Barbaud's graphics are respected and Maestro still has his long white beard. To offer a better viewing experience, this new season benefits from an image restored in 4K.

Other change ? Maestro's voice. Indeed, the actor Roger Carel, who lent his voice to the zany scientist for many years, died in 2020. Jean-Claude Donda, who notably doubles Jerry in Totally Spies, is responsible for taking up the torch.

For the great return of Once upon a time…, the fans are spoiled. This season devoted to objects includes 78 episodes of 7 minutes each. Once upon a time… these funny objects is broadcast on France 4 every evening since Monday February 19, 2024. Two new episodes can be discovered every day (except on Saturday) from 7:15 p.m. If your children are impatient, good news! On the France.tv platform, the first 13 episodes are already available.

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