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Vision Pro: should you wait for version 2 for a better experience ?

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Hardly the Vision Pro was released, the press is already talking about the sequel. For the moment, Apple's mixed reality headset is not yet available in France. But, even if it were, it would be normal to wonder whether to buy this first version, or rather wait for the second version.

In any case, if you are one of those who think it is better to wait before experimenting with Apple's mixed reality platform, we have a somewhat vague idea of ​​the release date of the next version.

Apple has not yet officially commented on this subject. But, in his latest newsletter, journalist Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) indicates that the launch of the successor to the Vision Pro headset is at least 18 months away.

An improved and cheaper version in 2025?

In any case, it is very likely that Apple will try to correct the defects of the Vision Pro in the next version. And rumors also suggest a lower price. Indeed, even if a lot of people were impressed by the new platform, it still has some flaws. Mark Gurman, for example, mentions the weight of the device. And the interface would sometimes have bugs. Additionally, the Vision Pro is too expensive for much of the general public, with its price of $3,500 in the United States.

Proof that the Vision Pro Vision Pro does not satisfy everyone: some people have already returned the headset to Apple. However, the returns are normal. And it is also normal that, in a completely new product category, Apple must make some corrections. In his publication, Mark Gurman recalls, for example, that when it was released, the first iPhone was far from perfect. It didn't have 3G or the App Store. And the Apple Watch, when the first version was released, also had many flaws.

But in any case, for those who plan to use Apple's mixed reality platform, it is normal to hesitate between buying the first version or waiting for the second. The only downside is that you would have to wait at least 18 months.

  • The Vision Pro has just been released , but some sources are already mentioning the next version
  • According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple would launch this one in at least 18 months
  • This second version should benefit from improvements, and could cost less

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