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This new AI gadget will revolutionize the way you work

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Here is the new favorite of certain companies: offering small portable objects doped with AI to allow us to ;#8217;improve our daily lives. We had tried the AI ​​Pin from Humane; this time, it's the company Limitless which offers its new gadget. A device capable of listening, understanding and analyzing everything that is said around you to optimize your professional productivity. Will the Limitless Pendant have its little success??

The concept and key features

The Pendant is presented as a small pendant, to hang on your shirt or to wear around your neck. It perpetually records everything that is in your environment and then, thanks to AI, helps you memorize and interpret the information.< /p>

On the brand's official website, the Pendant is presented as: “ an elegant and light accessory that records what you say throughout the day, whether in meetings, impromptu conversations or personal reflections ”. Dan Siroker, CEO of the company behind the Limitless Pendant, details a little more about the use that could be made of it: “ It can help you to prepare your meetings, transcribe them and provide you with real-time notes and summaries “.

Connected to an application, the Pendant can, in addition to capturing audio from your microphone, access your emails and your calendar, thus integrating all the applications that you use during your workday.

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Beyond a simple recorder

Siroker thinks big for his little object and already imagines a very ambitious future: “ Obviously, it will include basic functionalities fun like OpenAI or Perplexity. We are now aiming for a proactive approach. With access to your emails and Slack messages, whenever you receive a message where your history might be useful, it will be able to provide you with an appropriate draft“.

The Pendant will be released in August and will be sold at a price of 99 dollars to which must be added a monthly subscription of 20 dollarsfor the application. With a battery life of 100 hours, it is also equipped with a “Consent Mode”, which will prevent the recording of the voices of people who do not 8217;have not given their explicit consent. Note that by default, this mode is disabled.

  • The Limitless Pendant is an AI-powered gadget aimed at optimizing professional productivity.
  • It takes the form of a ’ a small pendant that records everything that happens around it.
  • It will be available for sale in August for a price of 99 dollars.

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