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Disney+ wants Star Wars and Marvel channels: what's coming

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$11.4 billion is the money that has reportedly been lost on Disney+ since the streaming service launched in 2019. Even for an entertainment giant with room to maneuver, that's starting to feel like a lot and a change strategy is required.

Disney is banking on its sure values

And precisely, The Information reports that the platform could soon offer streaming channels on its app. The latter would be entirely or partly financed by advertising, but you would nevertheless have to be a subscriber to access them.

These channels would thus broadcast Star Wars, Marvel thematic content in a loop. , but also other great animated or live action classics in the fold of the big-eared firm.

Disney has not yet confirmed this information or provided additional details. But the American media is sufficiently credible for us to take its article seriously. Regardless, this strategy would make sense for the company led by Bob Iger.

A fundamental movement

< p>Indeed, it is part of a context of growing popularity of free streaming television, financed by advertising (FAST). According to Bloomberg, viewers sometimes spend more time watching these offers than on paid services. In addition to the economic aspect in times of inflation, it is also relaxing for part of the public to no longer have to choose a program. It is, in short, a return to linear television which does not say its name.

For Disney+, this would be an interesting development to observe. We also know that the streaming platform is planning a vast offensive against account sharing within a few months throughout the world. This will probably not please all its subscribers, but if the service offers an offer including thematic channels at a competitive price, some customers might appreciate it.

Remember that this movement also concerns other entertainment giants. We recently spoke to you about Sony which is also launching its FAST Sony One offer in France in April. No less than 54 channels are offered. They will broadcast old hit series such as Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, or Justified.

Other great classics of the seventh art will be included: District 9, the Men in Black franchise and Zombieland< /em>. To find out more about this initiative from the Japanese firm, we invite you to read our dedicated article here. What do you think of this idea of ​​thematic channels on Disney+? Tell us in the comments.

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