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We know the release date of the documentary event on Celine Dion

The documentary entitled; "I Am : Celine Dion", directedé by Irene Taylor, will be released on Prime Video.

The announcement of the upcoming release of a documentary on Céline Dion, with Céline Dion, caused a stir last January.& nbsp;The film titledé I Am: Celine Dion, directed é by Irene Taylor now has a release date, next June, announces the Prime Video platform, which will broadcast it exclusively, and the singer's team – even, on social networks, this Tuesday: "Be ready! Amazon MGM Studio announces the release date of the film; s anticipated documentary Je suis: Céline Dion (French version of I Am: Celine Dion), available worldwide on  Prime Video from June 25 & nbsp;!"

At the start of the year 2024, it is in a press release that press release that Amazon MGM studios announced the upcoming release of this documentary, which would be partly built on the rare confidences of Céline Dion, absent or almost from the main stage. diabetic for two years and the revelation of her rare neurological disease, Stiff-person syndrome, which paralyzes her.

The documentary I Am: Céline Dion promises an "intimate exploration" of Céline Dion, of her pasté and his present, but also his fight against illness. "From the visit to his couture wardrobe and his personal effects to the passage in the studio “recording, the documentary captures the unprecedented private life of a global megastar,” he detailed. in the press release press release from Amazon MGM Studio.

The announcement of the release of the film had been made for Céline Dion the opportunity to convey a message to his fans: "These last two years haveé a real challenge for me, from the discovery of my illness to the end. learning how to live with it and manage it, without letting it define me. As the journey towards resuming my singing career continues, I have realized &agrav; how much I missed being able to see my fans. During this absence, I decided to move on. to document this part of my life, to try to make people aware of it. this little-known disease and to help those who share this diagnosis."

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