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This Peugeot, which is widely sold in France, presents a serious safety problem, here's how to know if your car is affected

The flagship model of the Peugeot brand is the subject of a recall for a serious safety problem.

A dangerous car à drive, that’s it! the risk that some Peugeot owners unknowingly take on the road today. For several days now, the Lion brand has been carrying out a series of changes. &agrav; an important recall of several of its vehicles, as stated earlier. March 29 Rappel Conso, the site for dangerous product alerts. It's never happy! I'm glad that a car manufacturer recalls cars, a kind of bad publicity, especially when it concerns one of its models headlights. But Peugeot had no choice since the problem affects an important part for safety. of its customers.

This time it is not a question of the Puretech gasoline engine, a source of great hassle for the Stellantis group brand, but of a major problem noted on an axle – the crossbar which notably supports the weight of the wheels and the steering controls – installed on its best-selling model in 2023. It is in fact on Peugeot 208s, assembled in Morocco, that the "axle' The rear may not be properly welded, which could lead to cracks forming over time, the reason for the recall states. "As a result, the rear axle could break and result in reduced handling, thereby increasing the risk and ;#39;accident."

This Peugeot, which is widely sold in France, presents a serious safety problem, here's how to know if your car is affected

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The malfunction is serious enough to be taken very seriously by all drivers of the city car. What to do if you drive 208? First of all, it is important to know that this recall concerns cars marketed between January 18 and 14 ;March 2023. Then, to find out if your car needs to be checked (and repaired), you must go to the Peugeot website (here) to enter the identification number of your vehicle (17 characters) which you will find on the registration document opposite of the letter E.

We cannot advise you enough to quickly check whether your car is affected by this defect, and if this is the case to make an appointment for repair. ;egrav;s as possible at your dealer. In France, hundreds of thousands of motorists drive a 208 every day. The city car from the Lion brand was in 2023 the second best-selling new car – with more than 86,000 units sold. eacute;s -, only beaten by the Renault Clio. This bad spotlight is a boon for its great rival.

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