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Which car has priority ? Even the best drivers don't have the answer

“Which car has priority? Even the best drivers don't have the answer”

Even the most skilled drivers can be confused about what to do. the priority rule. Here's what the highway code says.

The priority on the road can cause a lot of confusion, even among the most expert. Often à a crossroads, we see uncertain drivers on the walk à follow and who has priority. A good review of traffic rules, including priority rights, can therefore prove very beneficial ;fique for all. 

There are several priority signs and signals; that all drivers know. The "stop&quot sign means that you must stop and give way. On a road with a triangle-shaped sign, the sign indicates that you must give way to the next person. all vehicles, coming from the left or the right. Çthis is the easy part. 

But what is happening &agrave? an intersection if no sign is present ? The theory says that the first vehicle to follow to leave is the one who has the right free, then the others who, &agrav; in turn, have the right free. But sometimes it's more complicated. as in this example:

Which car has priority ? Even the best drivers don't have the answer

In this case, the yellow car moves forward to the next point. the red car and lets it pass. The red car passes before the yellow car first and then advances until it reaches the right. the blue car and lets it pass. The blue car goes third and finally the red car moves forward and finishes at the last turn. This therefore happens in 4 beats as shown. on the image below.

Which car has priority ? Even the best drivers don't have the answer

And what happens if there are 4 vehicles in the intersection ? Là çit gets complicated since everyone has someone ' your right. In this case, the simplest thing is to remain courteous and let the first car that arrives pass. Then, the theory is that the priority &agrav; right applies to new since a vehicle can pass.

But stay attentive because it often happens that when drivers have left If they are the first to arrive, they expect to be the first to arrive. what the next &agrav; pass either the second to arrive; even if he does not have priority. In these situations, it is better to speak to each other with signs, to remain calm. Because no one doesn't want to end up in the garage for a priority issue; !

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