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This secret function ;allows you to defrost the windshield of a car in a few seconds

This function is used to defrost a car's windshield in just a few seconds.” defrost a car windshield in a matter of seconds.

Why bother scrape your windshield in the cold when you can quickly get rid of the ice while sitting in your car? If you've never asked yourself what to do? the question is probably because you don't know this magic solution. There are several methods for defrosting a windshield. It is always recommended to defrost a windshield. turn the ignition on first to start the process. warm up the car, but this obviously doesn't happen in the blink of an eye.

To remove the layer of ice that has deposited on the window, you can obviously remove the frost using a brush. Using a scraper, use an antifreeze fluid specially designed to defrost windshields or pour lukewarm water to melt the frost (it is It is always advisable not to use water that is too hot to avoid thermal shock which could crack the glass). All these techniques take a little time, especially the one which consists of Pouring water on the windshield of your car can be counterproductive in periods of extreme cold. Indeed, when temperatures are negative, water risks immediately transforming into ice.

For some motorists, there is no risk of experiencing this type of inconvenience at any time. condition of knowing that their car has the technology that makes all the difference. This technology called "Quickclear" was inaugurated in At the end of the 90s on the Ford Mondeo, a family sedan that had become very popular. The success was immediately and Ford then installed it. on all its other models since 2011. But they are not the only ones! In recent years, many brands have been able to copy the technology and offer it on some of their cars, mainly on high-end finishes .

If you own a Volkswagen, a Nissan, an Audi, a BMW, a Mercedes or even a Skoda, chances are that the scraper is just a distant memory for you. Simply check your vehicle booklet. The function is called "Quickclear" at Ford, "Thermaclear" at Nissan or "Climate Windcreen" at Volkswagen. Similar technologies are also found on recent cars like the latest Renault Austral. Peugeot or DS also offered; a heated windshield on the 3008 and DS7 SUVs.

For the user, a simple press of a button in the shape of a windshield passes through; by three irregular lines allows you to heat the front window of the vehicle (the symbol is similar to that of the button to turn on the heating on the rear window of cars). The driver can therefore remain seated in his seat while the ice melts slowly. outside. How does it work? The process allows heat to be diffused into the windshield thanks to the a network of ultra-fine electrical wires embedded between the two layers of glass, which allows the frost to disappear in record time. ''The system acts in a few seconds, even if the outside temperature is below 0°C. zero, promises the pioneer of Ford technology.

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