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This star brand of electric car will release a new low-cost model – French manufacturers are trembling

A reference in terms of electric cars, this very popular brand wants to launch a new model with a knockdown price.

Electric cars are still too expensive for many households, most of the time 25% to 100%. 50% more than purchase than those rolling at gasoline or diesel. But car manufacturers, at agrave; who was asked to no longer sell any thermal vehicle to others. By 2035, we are trying by all means to reduce this gap to reach a wider customer base.

Today, Dacia remains the brand that offers the most affordable vehicles on the market. French electrical studies. The Spring and the Sandero are accessible from from 19,800 and 20,800 euros. Citroën, determined to to relaunch its sales, will very soon sell its very first C3 to green energy, the ë-C3, for which the entry ticket will start at 23,300 euros excluding ecological bonus. The city car from the chevron brand will also be more interesting than the Dacia from January 1, 2024 because the cars of the Romanian subsidiary of the Renault group will then no longer be eligible for state bonuses .

Renault, with its future R5 E-Tech, expected next year, also wants to position itself with an announced price. around 25,000 euros. But French manufacturers – to which we must add Peugeot even if the 100% electric models of the Lion still remain quite expensive – could take a very dim view of the upcoming arrival of 39;a very big player in the market. on the electric car sector low costs. Until then known for its fairly high-end sedans or SUVs, Tesla, whose Model Y is the best-selling electric car in the world in 2023, is in fact preparing the release of a new high-end model. …25,000 euros.

This is a far cry from the current prices charged by Tesla on the Model 3, the high-performance sedan. 42,990 euros, and on the Model Y, its SUV available at from 45,990 euros (excluding ecological bonus). But Elon Musk, the big boss of the American firm, wants to tackle this problem. a new target. Visiting the Berlin factory at the beginning of November, the billionaire confirmed that his teams were already working on the game. on the "Next-Gen" project. If very little information has yet filtered out, the one that could respond to the name of "Model A" or "Model 2" would be much more compact than its predecessors and mainly intended for the commercial market. European. Enough to seriously worry the competition which until then had not had the opportunity to do so. not at all battle with Tesla on the "small" price.

The other bad news for French manufacturers, and not only – we think in particular of; Volkswagen and its ID.2 announced in 2025 less than 25,000 euros – the new Tesla will be built in Germany. Thus, unlike cars assembled in the United States or Asia, it should benefit from the ecological bonus in France. A new Tesla 20,000 euros? There you go which could reshuffle the cards and further assert the leadership of the American brand on the market. electric cars.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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