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This small gesture that most motorists make increases the risk of having an accident by 23

Certain behaviors on the road are very dangerous and drastically increase the risk of causing an accident.

Distracted driving is a phenomenon of great safety concern. road. It is located à the origin of very numerous traffic accidents, with figures increasing. increases, whether mild or severe. It must be said that the development of electronic devices, primarily smartphones for around fifteen years, often disrupts the attention of users throughout a pile of everyday stains. Who today is able to watch a film or a series, attend a live performance? a concert, having a drink in a bar or simply walking in a park without once touching à his phone?

These new behaviors can be very dangerous in certain situations, such as when you find yourself behind the wheel of a car. For a large number of motorists, it is sometimes difficult to "unhook" completely within the time of a journey, as if responding immediately to your question. a text, on the thread of a WhatsApp chat, or connect to his favorite social network, had become something vital. A recent study of security Road Safety indicates that using the telephone while driving a vehicle triples the risk of accidents. The number increases to… 23 when reading an SMS.

This small gesture that most motorists make increases the risk of having an accident by 23

We learn that reading a text message takes on average five seconds. Ultimately a fairly short time, but during which the driver partially or even completely takes his eyes off the road. In addition to this visual distraction, the user loses concentration since he then focuses on what he is reading and no longer on what surrounds him. Not to mention that you have to take at least one hand off the steering wheel to be able to operate your smartphone.

This addiction to screens, even while driving, tends to worsen. become widespread: security Routière informs that 69% of French people use their smartphone while driving and that one in four drivers has already stopped driving. scares à because of him on the road.

The use of a mobile phone while driving is strongly reprimanded. by the Highway Code with a fixed fine of 135 euros accompanied by a withdrawal of 3 points from the driving license. The fact of handling your telephone or consulting it, therefore without making a call or tapping on it, is punishable by the same sanctions. These can increase in the case of an offense committed (burned fire, non-compliance with a priority, overtaking on a line white…) with the phone in your hands. The police then have the possibility of to recover the driving license for 72 hours, a retention which can be followed by a suspension of the license for six months.

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