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Why do rear car windows not go all the way down?

“Why don't the rear windows of cars go all the way down”

When you open the windows of your car, you have probably noticed: that the window &agrav; the rear does not lower all the way like the rear the front. Without necessarily finding the right explanation… Here it is!

It's hot, and since air conditioning in a car doesn't only have good sides (increase in consumption, risk of damage) cold…), the best solution to cool off is sometimes to simply open the windows. With the speed, the air will be able to circulate widely and cool the sometimes hot passenger compartment, especially if your vehicle has been parked at the same time. a good time in full sun.

You probably already have it. Note, not all car windows open the same way. If those in front ''disappear'' completely into the slot provided for the device. For this reason, the rear windows never lower completely. At the back, five at the back. ten centimeters of tempered glass – used to manufacture the side windows and the rear windshield – still protrude from the door. But for what reason ?

Why do rear car windows not go all the way down?

If we think about it for a few moments, the answer seems obvious: security. As children most often occupy the rear seats in a car, leaving a piece of window protruding provides additional protection between the interior & the interior and exterior of the vehicle. For example, it is more difficult for a young boy or girl to let their arm stick out of the window, which can actually turn out to be a problem. ler dangerous. However, there is another explanation that simply answers this question. a technical problem.

To understand, just look at a car in profile. You will find that the rear doors are almost always narrower at the bottom than the front doors. Why ? Because'&agrave At the rear of the vehicle, the bodywork is most often cut in such a way as to fit the vehicle. bypass the wheels. In fact, the windows do not have enough space in the door to be able to go down completely without encroaching on the wheel arch. Some models have been modified. thus completely deprived of opening due to the design of the car. This was recently the case with the DS4 or the Citroën C4 Cactus, especially for a question of cost. If your child asks you the question about the next vacation trip, you will now have a good answer. bring him!

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