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This small island in Europe is ideal in spring, no one knows it and its beaches are superb

Far from the crowded beaches of Italy, Spain or Greece, there are still a few little paradises hidden in the heart of the Mediterranean.

À looking for a Mediterranean getaway far from the crowds while enjoying almost constant sunshine? While the ;#39;Spain, Italy and Greece continue to dominate vacation choices for their expansive beaches, excellent gastronomy and sunny weather, this more secluded destination Situated just under the boot of Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean, it offers a much less frequent alternative. ;e.

In spring, it mainly guarantees mildness with little variation in temperatures which stabilize between 15 degrees in the morning and 25 degrees in the hottest hours . The light showers are still there; but the sun is flooding the coastline more and more. This little yet little-known paradise is Gozo, the 2nd largest island in the Malta archipelago. Far from the hustle and bustle of the capital Valletta, Gozo promises sun and calm. Gozo, it is necessary to take the Gozo ferry which departs from Ċirkewwa, the northernmost point of Malta, to the port of Mgarr which provides access &agrav; Gozo and its treasures.

If 500,000 tourists visit each year, that’s 4% of tourists. 5 times less than on the main island of Malta, it is mainly locals who come to escape. the capital and reach its beaches. Gozo also offers multiple activities, particularly cultural ones around the Citadel, an impressive fortified refuge. which offers a superb view of the city of Ir-Rabat (also called Victoria) below. The garden of the nature museum and the small streets nearby are also very popular places for walks.

Leaving Ir-Rabat, the salt marshes and beaches of Gozo are stopping places. not to be missed, like the temples of Ggantija, which date from the megalithic period, almost 7000 years ago. The stone blocks weigh several tons and leave a mystery as to how they could have been assembled in this way. You prefer the beaches ?  Ramla Bay offers an astonishing landscape of red sand, San Blas offers turquoise waters   its rare visitors while the small seaside resort of Marsalforn will appeal more to families. Gozo is still uncommon. but, with so many advantages, this should not last very long. All the more reason to plan a getaway to this small island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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