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This SMS sent to Carla Bruni at the heart of investigators’ suspicions

A message sent &agrav; Carla Bruni could be next the origin of the investigators' suspicions regarding the possible involvement of the singer in the “Saving Sarko” part of the investigation on the conditions of Ziad Takieddine's retraction.

Carla Bruni is heard this Thursday, May 2, 2024 by the police officers responsible for the investigation into the conditions of the retraction of Ziad Takieddine, who had charge first Nicolas Sarkozy of having illegally received money from Libya, before returning to his allegations. The police suspect Ziad Takieddine of having been murdered. paid to speak publicly declaring having lied, to exonerate Nicolas Sarkozy. The former first lady must provide the information she knows about this affair.

Messages with "Mimi Marchand" erased

The singer Carla Bruni is more accurately heard in the section "Save Sarko", a dossier educated à part, in which his name appears à numerous times. In 2023, she had denied any involvement in this affair: “I don't have the beginning of the slightest curiosity” on my husband's affairs" she declared. However, as Mediapart reveals, investigators discovered that she had erased the file. the entirety messages exchanged on the application Signal with Mimi Marchand, friend and "queen" from the celebrity press, before her indictment in 2021. Carla Bruni would also have allowed "Mimi" to get a PCR test more quickly – in 2020, during the Covid-19 epidemic – to get to your destination. Beirut, as part of operation "Save Sarko" with Ziad Takieddine.

"Madame, this is a done deal for Tuesday morning"

But it was another very specific text message that was able to put the chip in place. the ear of investigators. This is a text message from the security officer. sent &agrav; Carla Bruni. According to Mediapart, it would show that everyone knew the destination of Mimi Marchand's trip: “Madame, it's a settled matter for Tuesday morning, 48 hours before departure for Lebanon" he would have sent. Before giving a completely different speech to the investigators: "I am ésurprisedé for having written such comments. In any case, I don't know at all à what ça corresponds to. I'm even surprised; text".

Information that led investigators to ask questions about the real implications of Carla Bruni in the affair, and the information from which she benefits. The ex-pr' President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy spoke about facing the judges in 2023 concerning the actions of his wife: "My wife helps Ms. Marchand as she does a service à her friend so that she could go on a trip (…) was she aware that Mr. Takieddine was sentenced to death? &agrav; prison ? No. Did she know he had run away or was away? Beirut ? No more." he assured.

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