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Children taken off a TGV by the police, unwarned parents angry with the SNCF

Three children who had to go to Rennes by train from Lille have been very popular. disembarked & Roissy. If the SNCF claims to have acted for their safety, the parents have filed a complaint. a handrail.

Saturday April 27, three children aged 13, 11 and 8 took a train to Paris. Lille towards Rennes where ù their respective mothers had to pick them up. These three children are used to making this trip during school holidays. They were registered with the "Junior et Cie" of the SNCF, which allows children to be with supervisors during their journey. Unfortunately, they did not complete their journey. The journey for the three children ended' at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle station, only an hour after their departure from Lille. The three young people were arrested. got off the train and their parents were disappointed. take the road urgently to pick them up at a police station.

The children found themselves in such a situation because they were not taught Checked in at the station on the day of departure. The father of the first two children recognized him from La Voix du Nord  : "There was a major accident on the Belgian motorway which had an impact on my journey and I arrived in Paris. late for this recording. But the train was also late so I was able to get my children on board and report their presence to the conductor, their ticket was canceled. validated. I wanted to record them but there were too many people and a lot of tension, he said. According to the statement of the SNCF, the train was, in fact, 16 minutes late.

The father adds that he discussed the situation. with an employee é board the train before leaving his children. "My son is old enough to travel alone and she tells me 'yes, your son can accompany your daughter,” he explains with RMC, knowing that his children would therefore not be supervised by the crew.  They were thus é in shock to see armed police officers board the train to come and pick them up.

The SNCF defends itself

The SNCF assures that the parents arrived only three minutes before departure while the “Junior et Cie" requires you to be present at least one hour away. in advance. "In the present case, the children placed in custody on board were therefore traveling alone, without being under the responsibility of the and accompanied by an adult as is mandatory, the railway company complained of BFMTV. Continued à Due to this recording failure, the children were affected. handed over to the police because "the conditions to guarantee the security' of the child were unfortunately not released. reunited by parents, according to SNCF.

The father of the third child, for his part, refuted such accusations ensuring that they have indeed arrived; in advance but was unaware of the registration process. "Usually, they beep the ticket when you get on the train. The facilitator asked us to let all registered children pass. We waited and when çit wasé Our turn, he told us that there were three minutes left before departure and that he could no longer check in my daughter, he explained. In both cases, the parents do not understand why the SNCF team left them behind. leave their children, only to finally disembark them an hour later. They then decided; to file a handrail against the SNCF.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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