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This supercomputer just made a prediction for the human species, and it's pretty terrifying

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Recent simulations carried out on a supercomputer paint a worrying picture of the future of our planet. If climate change follows its current trajectory, humanity could disappear within 250 million years, leaving behind it an inhospitable planet. The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, was based on complex simulations analyzing various natural factors.

The devastating impact of CO2 and solar heat

The data used for this simulation takes into account the evolution of various key factors of our planet: oceanography, the movements of tectonic plates, biology and, in particular, the composition of the ;#8217;earth's atmosphere. The result is alarming: a saturation of the atmosphere with CO2, combined with the intensification of solar heat, would make the Earth completely unlivable. A real oven or breathing would be a fantasy.

Planetary conditions which would make the existence of any form of life absolutely impossible; humanity included; explains the study. This global overheating would result in average temperatures of 40 to 50 ° C, conditions further exacerbated by constant and oppressive humidity.

This study perfectly highlights the domino effect that climate change causes< /strong>. Increasing CO2 emissions lead to rising temperatures, which disrupt ocean systems and atmospheric circulation. These disruptions, in turn, affect the biology and habitability of the planet.

Innovations against the inevitable

Faced with the devastating effects predicted by the simulations, the scientific community is becoming active. If some are thinking of using AI to turn the tide, the team responsible for the study is working on another project: sending bubbles into space to block part of the solar radiation.

These bubbles could be inflatable structures or other forms of lightweight, reflective barriers, capable of acting as a sunscreen. However, this project is still at the conceptual stage and has not yet been realized.

Many other solutions are considered apart from this bubble project, but are not yet applied. Modification of the Earth's albedo (capacity to reflect solar radiation), fertilization of the oceans so that phytoplankton absorb more CO2, capture and storage of carbon underground, etc. This dark prediction should serve as a warning to us. The Earth will survive us in any case, but we might as well act to ensure that our world remains livable for as long as possible.

  • A supercomputer, by analyzing a multitude of factors, has established a rather gloomy prediction for humanity.
  • If global warming continues at this rate, we will disappear within 250 million years and the climate on Earth would reach unlivable average temperatures.
  • The scientific community is already working on numerous solutions to stem the phenomenon, but nothing concrete is currently applicable.

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