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Windows will now display advertising on your computer, here's how to disable it

The last update Windows update adds functionality that will make your teeth cringe: advertisements directly on your computer. Fortunately, there is a method to disable them.

Windows may be the most used operating service in the world. in the world for computers, the creation of Microsoft continues to move forward. day regularly. The firm offers small &agrav; small new features to expand the latest versions of Windows and in particular its most recent iteration, Windows 11.

Recently, Microsoft notably unveiled the addition of its artificial intelligence within Windows 11. Called “Copilot”, the latter allows users to have numerous features. ;nbsp;It is possible to use it to synthesize documents, generate text or learn from your habits to adapt your favorite applications. rées à your behavior.

But the next update à update of Windows 11 risks making more noise than the addition of Copilot. The setting à day, entitled "KB5036980", provides in particular for the addition of advertisements within the system itself# 39;operation. These will be housed in particular within the "Start" and will offer to install certain applications from the Microsoft Store that you do not have on your computer. Advertisements may, for example, ask you to install a password manager or word processing software.

Windows will now display advertising on your computer, here's how to disable it

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These advertisements are especially very well integrated into the "Start" menu. Windows and blend completely into the decor. It is, therefore, very easy to click on one of them They think it's one of our already popular apps. installed and not an advertisement.

Unfortunately for users, these advertisements will be enabled by default upon installation of the new update. day. Microsoft, however, added an option to get rid of them easily. 

To do this, open your computer's settings. You will then find a tab titled; "Personalization" whereù It is possible to configure many Windows features. In this tab you will now find the option 'show recommendations for tips, promotions and more'. Uncheck this to get rid of advertisements integrated into your browser. Windows 11.

The new update à day which integrates advertisements into the "Start" of Windows 11 is currently being distributed. Your computer, if it is compatible with the latter, should benefit from it within the next few weeks.

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