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“This time, I’m sticking to it”: Michel Sardou bids farewell (again)

The 77-year-old singer will definitely be (?) retirement à the end of his current tour.

One last turn and then leaves… Until'à next time ? Michel Sardou says: this tour will be the last. The 77-year-old singer is currently completing what ;#39;he announced to be his final concert salvo – around thirty, with two exceptional dates this weekend & Paris La Défense Arena. Michel Sardou had already announced the end of his career in 2018, before, finally, returning to the stage. But this time, he assures, it's the last' egrave;re!

"This time, I'm sticking to it. Before I sing again, I'll really have to lengthen them… I'm too expensive, says the artist in an interview with at the Parisian. He drives the point home: "I guarantee you. Same for the theater (…) On March 30, I am on vacation, retirement. Çthat surprises you ? Me too (laughs)."

In the same interview, Michel Sardou explains having sold his apartment to Paris and his house in Normandy. Leaving everything to settle in the South: “this summer, I'm going to take my boat, swim in the open sea , &agrav; hair, and I will talk to the dolphins…".

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