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Rearview mirrors are essential for safe driving. Here is a cheap technique to replace them when they are broken.

It's normally the first thing you look at before starting your car: the mirrors. With properly adjusted mirrors – the one fixed in the center of the interior windshield and the two located at the center of the windshield. outside on the front doors – the driver will have good visibility. However, as they consist of a glass mirror, the mirrors are quite fragile. And it is not uncommon that at the slightest shock, for example hitting a car in another lane or parked along the road, the rear-view mirror glass cracks. It is then almost impossible to see properly and this can be quite dangerous, especially when entering a traffic line.

It is therefore strongly recommended. to repair your rearview mirror when it is broken. But, in the imagination of some motorists, the simple breakage of the mirror requires the complete replacement of the rearview mirror. At the price they cost – minimum 50 euros for a manual and rear-view mirror From 250 euros for an electric rearview mirror – it is better to think about it carefully. twice. Especially since the bill can easily double with the cost of labor in a garage.

Above all, there is a simple, quick and inexpensive technique for doing it yourself. First of all, you should know that a rear-view mirror is made up of several elements including the glass. It can therefore be removed without touching it. the shell, more expensive, which is connected to the the bodywork. Removing the mirror might seem like a tricky operation, but there is a simple trick to do it.

To achieve this, the key is of the car is enough. Place the tip of the key in the slot under the mirror, in the center choose, as you would with a small spoon to open a jar of jam. Then press on it like a lever, which will unclip the damaged glass. The first part is already here. finished, all that remains is attach a new mirror. On many sites, it is possible to buy them for around ten euros. You have to think carefully about this; check that the model fits well to your needs. the size of the shell of your rearview mirror.

Afterwards, you must apply suitable glue or adhesive (in particular water-resistant for rain!) on the back of the mirror then attach it to the inside the hull. A little minute of pressure later and that's it. Repairing the glass of your rear-view mirror requires neither great mechanical expertise nor emptying your bank account. And this allows you to drive in complete peace of mind without the risk of incurring a grade 3 fine (68 euros) because driving with a damaged rear-view mirror cannot be avoided. is an offense under the Highway Code.

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By Teilor Stone

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