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Use e to care for the skin, this vegetable oil has the power to make car scratches disappear

This cosmetic product, mixed with à white vinegar, allows you to give a second life to your wine. the body of your car.

A scratch on a car happens quickly. Moreover, apart from at dealerships, it is very rare to see a vehicle with the impeccable bodywork. The slightest shock damages the paint, and even if you take good care of it, no one is safe. You can avoid finding a small gray mark on your door when picking up your car in the parking lot of a shopping center, for example. Those who can – because it is quite expensive – go to the garage to have the damaged part repainted. Between sanding the scratch and the new paint, not only deposited on the impact but on all or part of the bodywork part concerned for a question of uniformity ( door, wing, bumper…), the bill amounts to a hundred euros minimum.

Not everyone can afford to spend so much on aesthetics. But there is a very inexpensive way to make the scratches disappear. For this, you don't even need paint. It is rather in the bathroom that you can find the magical product, often used in bathrooms. for skin care. Known for softening dry skin thanks to its powerful formula. its moisturizing power, coconut oil has the ability to to make a scratched bodywork look like new.

To do this, it must be mixed with a well-known household product, white vinegar, whose effectiveness is to disinfect, descale and degrease is no longer necessary. prove. You can prepare the mixture in a few seconds in a small bowl. You then need to have a microfiber cloth that you will soak in the mixture before applying it to the scratches. The product obtained has the virtue of covering and masking superficial scratches, the most numerous on a car. After having rubbed well the scratched parts, the marks have disappeared and the bodywork is like new.

No need, however, to focus on the deeper scratches, resulting from the damage. more significant shocks, because they require proper sanding before being covered with paint. The mixture of coconut oil and white vinegar is remarkable for restoring a little beauty to your skin. à your car if the scratches are body flower. But the magic only lasts for a while: the oil will evaporate after a while, or with washing, and the small scratches will reappear.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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