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This version of Wifi has a range of 3 kilometers: demonstration

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The WiFi standards we use at home, such as WiFi 6E or WiFi 7, have been optimized to transmit large amounts of data over a short range. The Wifi HaLow standard, for its part, was designed for other applications, such as the Internet of Things, agriculture, etc. As the Wifi Alliance website explains, this “ standard augments Wi-Fi by operating in sub-1 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum to provide longer range and low-power connectivity .”

And recently, a company called Morse Micro exploited this standard, approved in 2016, to transmit data over a distance of… 3 km. This company specializes in the manufacturing of Wifi chips for the HaLow standard. As shown in her demonstration video, by using this version of Wifi, she was able to make a video call, transmitted via Wifi HaLow, over a distance of 3 km, in the Ocean Beach district of San Francisco.

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While the connection speed was 11 megabits per second, over a distance of 500 meters, it increased to 1 megabit per second, when the distance increased to 3 kilometers. In any case, it was still enough to communicate via video call. According to Morse Micro, compared to traditional versions of WiFi, the HaLow standard has 10 times greater range, 100 times greater coverage area and 1,000 times greater volume. Furthermore, distance is not the only obstacle to data transmission. As the demonstration was done in the real world, the transmission was also subject to interference.

An ideal technology for certain applications

With this demonstration, Morse Micro proves the effectiveness of WiFi HaLow for certain uses and, consequently, the usefulness of the chips it has developed.

< em>“Wi-Fi HaLow overcomes the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi by operating in the sub-GHz spectrum over narrow frequency bands, allowing the technology to overcome obstacles and deliver unparalleled performance even in noisy environments filled with many connected devices and cameras. Wi-Fi HaLow not only increases wireless range; it also extends battery life with its power-saving features”, the company says in its announcement.

For example, on a large property, HaLow Wifi can be used by surveillance cameras. Alternatively, it can also be used to control connected devices within a large building.

  • Approved in 2016, the “HaLow” version of WiFi can increase the range of data transmission, while saving energy
  • A chip manufacturer proves that by pressing this WiFi standard, it is possible to transmit a video call over a distance of 3 kilometers
  • This standard can be very useful for industrial applications, as in the agricultural sector

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