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Vision Pro: don't imitate this video while driving a Tesla

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We would like to say “what was supposed to happen, happened”but we should not jump to conclusions too quickly. On 𝕏 a user, a software engineer at Hyper, has been creating buzz since the official release of the Vision Pro with a video on 𝕏, which shows him using his headset while behind the wheel of his Tesla.

During a portion of the video, we even see him take his hands off his steering wheel, to better navigate the interface. Later, while he is parked, a police car appears to pull up behind his car… suggesting control. He still has the helmet on his face.

The video was partly staged, just for the views

The post received a barrage of reactions – most of them lashing out at idiocy to drive with a VR headset on your eyes. A case of use which is also formally prohibited by Apple – the firm clearly explains in its document that under no circumstances should the Vision Pro be used in situations that require your attention:

“Never use Apple Vision Pro while driving a moving vehicle, riding a bicycle , heavy machinery, or in any other situation requiring special attention to safety. Using the device in low light conditions may increase the risk of collision with objects in your environment”, we can read on the official help pages.

At first, the web took the video (as is unfortunately often the case) at face value. However, this week several media outlets, including our colleagues at Gizmodo, were able to contact the videographer directly, to better confirm that it is essentially a staging .

The interested party specifies that he only used the helmet while driving for around forty seconds, only to shoot the video, before removing it. As for the police car, it was the result of a happy coincidence when he and his friend were parked in a parking lot:

“I’was in the right place at the right time,” he explains. “That’s why we filmed the police”– the police, for their part, were actually busy with something else. On the road, in all cases, being able to control your vehicle at all times and maintaining complete attention on the road are an obligation.

The Vision Pro diverts through its applications the driver's total attention. Especially since the headset can exhibit bugs – in particular tracking in moving vehicles – or even stop suddenly in case of low battery. Which then completely stops the video stream and therefore prevents you from seeing what is happening in front of you.

If the law in the United States, as in France, does not provide as yet nothing specific for the use of this type of helmet while driving, the current rules can already be very expensive for people tempted to drive a vehicle with the Vision Pro on their eyes.

  • A video showing a person driving their Tesla with a Vision Pro on their eyes is circulating on the web.
  • < li>However, this is largely staged.

  • In addition to being very dangerous for you and other road users, driving with Vision Pro on your eyes is prohibited by law and can already have serious consequences.

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