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Tik Tok is heading towards a ban in the United States

In recent days, the American Senate has adopted a law banning Tik tok. It has just been approved by the president who asks for further support. the companyé ByteDance to sell its social network.

It's an announcement that was not missed. to cool the famous Tik Tok social network. On the day of Wednesday April 24, 2024, Joe Biden officially approved a text of law prohibiting the application. Included in the foreign aid program which provides for $95 million, the new legislation stipulates that ;nbsp;the companyé mother, ByteDance must sell Tik Tok within nine months to American actors. Otherwise, if the companyé does not take action, the ban will be effective throughout the country.

The Chinese social network, with its 170 million Americans daily, is not yet there. his first tensions with the country. The application has been updated. many times in the sights of former president Donald Trump since he took office in 2017. Washington has repeatedly accused the ;social network to serve the interests of the Chinese capital and to make use of its videos title of spying and manipulation of users. Words which had not been lacking to provoke reactions from several managers of the company, who denied any proximity to with the Chinese authorities.

But it's through a press release. that the application defended itself by judging the president's remarks "unconstitutional& quot;. Its spokesperson, Alex Haurek, suggests that the companyé planned to challenge the law in court. An approach which could delay the deadline for implementing the law, while waiting to find an agreement. The CEO of Tik Tok also spoke out, through the social network: "A ban on Tik Tok is a ban on you and your voice".

It is complicated; d' imagine that China would let the sale of its social network go through.  As a result, banning Tik Tok could lead to more new tensions between the two superpowers.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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