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Tik Tok Lite stops rewards for users in the European Union

The method aimed at paying Tik Tok users daily, in exchange for their interactions, is considered addictive by the Commission.

Users who received rewards for their daily interactions on the platform will no longer be able to benefit from them. The Tik Tok Lite program, launched on the application, has just been interrupted throughout the European Union. enne. The Commission accuses the social network of making its consumers addicted and compromising their health  mental. This extension of Tik Tok had designed for several weeks a method allowing you to share your content. allows its users to obtain rewards for spent screen time. Made accessible in France and Spain at the end of March this year ;eacute;e, Tik Tok Lite guaranteed à these users to earn virtual tokens for their interactions.

More concretely, the rewards applied to the extent that the consumer spent time à watch videos on Tik Tok, if he liked videos and followed content creators. A lot of commitment, therefore, but little money since the user could receive up to 100% of the money. 38 cents per hour spent on the platform. He could then use it to transform the tokens into gift vouchers usable via partner sites.

Tik Tok justifies itself, but backs down

Since this Wednesday,  Tik Tok has "voluntarily" this possibility the time of an investigation. This is not the first time that Tik Tok, property' of the Chinese group ByteDance,  is subject à controversial, particularly in the EU and the United States. On April 17, the European Commission warned the social network. It required application managers to provide an assessment of the risks linked to the application. its new Lite application within 24 hours. The Commission recently explained not having received feedback within the time frame that was expected. One week later, before launch of an investigation Brussels, Tik Tok had still not communicated on risks.

The obligation of Tik Tok, provided for by the new regulation in terms of digital service, does not have visibly not éeté taken into account. The Commission did not hold back from recalling the importance of this law while revoking the character "addictive" that affects the younger generation. 

The social network on its side was justified by explaining that its service "was not accessible to users under the age of 18". Other reactions followed on social networks, including the comments of the current European Commissioner in charge of digital: Our children are not guinea pigs for social networks, emphasized Thierry Parin on his account the opening of an investigation into Brussels which was to determine the outcome of this method. Continued &agrav; Following the decision rendered this Wednesday, he clarified: that proceedings were being initiated against Tik Tok. 

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