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Splinter Cell Remake, towards a revolution in the world of video games ?

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It was in the early 2000s, when Metal Gear Solid was serving as a benchmark in terms of infiltration, Ubisoft launched a certain Splinter Cell on Xbox. A particularly innovative spy game at the time, which reinvented the infiltration game, rather than copying the Konami title. Beyond its gameplay qualities, in 2002, Splinter Cell also shines through its technique, and quickly becomes one of the spearheads of Xbox.

Splinter Cell, a revolution in sight on the gameplay side ?

At Ubisoft, we are working on a complete remake of the very first opus, based on the Snowdrop game engine and supported by Ubisoft Toronto. If this Splinter Cell Remake should once again delight our peepers, with new boosted visual effects à la “next-gen&#8220 ;, the game could also offer new game mechanics.

Indeed, according to the often well-informed Visceral, Splinter Cell Remake will give pride of place to ray-tracing, but this technology can also be used by the enemies of the game. The latter could in fact spot the player thanks to the light emitted by Sam Fisher's equipment by example, but also by the different noises generated by its gadgets.

At present, nothing has been confirmed by Ubisoft, but there is no doubt that the French group will be keen to offer new features for this remake, as was the case at the end of 2002, when the original opus was launched. The latter had notably benefited from previously unpublished plays of shadows and lights, without forgetting ultra-realistic renderings on fabrics and light surfaces.

Sam Fisher featured in the next Ubisoft Forward ?

In all likelihood, the French publisher should provide news of this highly anticipated Splinter Cell Remake on June 10, during its Ubisoft Forward meeting. The opportunity to discover the title for the first time, with (we hope) a gameplay phase to discover. To be continued.

Note that Metal Gear Solid is also affected by a remake, since the complete overhaul of the third opus, Snake Eater, is also expected during this year 2024.

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