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Tim Cook talks about his succession and gives a big clue

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In 10 years, Tim Cook should no longer be at the head of Apple. In 2021, when he had already been CEO for 10 years, he indicated that he would probably not cross 20 years at the head of the Cupertino company. When the question was asked to him during an interview, this is what he answered: “Ten years older? Probably not. I can tell you that I feel good at the moment. And the date is not in sight. But 10 more years is a long time, and probably not 10 more years.”

In 2033, Apple will probably have another CEO. And during a recent interview with Dua Lipa, on a BBC show, the Apple boss revealed that the Cupertino company has detailed succession plans. Besides the fact that Cook won't be CEO forever, he explains that something unpredictable can happen.

Unfortunately, Tim Cook has not indicated who could succeed him. But he still mentioned his wish that Apple's next CEO be an internal person. “And so my role is to ensure that there are several, including the board of directors. can choose”, he also explained.

Apple in full transformation?

In any case, Tim Cook should still lead Apple during the transformations that will take place within the firm over the coming years. Currently, the iPhone is Apple's main source of revenue. But Cook succeeded in orienting the company towards services, in order to reduce its dependence on hardware sales.

Tim Cook also enabled Apple to complete the transition from Macs to processors. Intel to Apple Silicon processors. And rumors suggest that in the coming years, the Apple brand should design even more components in-house, such as cameras, Wifi and Bluetooth chips, etc.
Otherwise, currently, Apple is entering the the era of augmented reality. And the firm is also working on generative artificial intelligence. Additionally, Apple has its sights set on the automobile market.

  • In 2033, Apple is expected to have another CEO
  • In a recent interview , Tim Cook mentioned his succession, but did not give any names
  • In any case, he would like to see one of his colleagues succeed him

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