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Vintage lovers? Kodak launches a new Super 8 camera (but at a price delirious)

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It was in 2016, as part of CES in Las Vegas, Kodak announced the return of its legendary Super 8 camera. Since then, the project has not been talked about much… until today! In fact, the brand has put online a website dedicated to this new Super 8, with a reservation form for those interested. Be careful though, if the vintage side is there, you will have to prepare to pay a certain amount (crazy?) to get your hands on this Kodak Super 8 Camera.

Kodak announces the return… of the Super 8 camera!

Indeed, to all those who wish to rediscover the pleasure of filming on Super 8 film, Kodak offers this new, original creation to say the least. The Kodak Super 8 Camera will be available first in the United States, starting December 4, in limited quantities. Upstream, however, you will have to agree to pay an invoice of $5,495… and yes!

Let us also remember that a refill of Super 8 film costs around 35 dollars, and that this allows you to film around two minutes and thirty seconds of video, at a rate of 24 frames per second.

< p>Suffice it to say that this new creation from Kodak is aimed at a niche market, namely filmmakers who are at least financially comfortable, who will agree to pay such a sum to reconnect with the sensations of yesteryear. /p>

Obviously, this new Kokak Super 8 Camera will offer many modern comfort options, including a 4' LCD viewfinder, a slot for a microSD card (for audio recording), not forgetting a micro HDMI output to connect it to an external monitor. For its part, charging will be done from a micro USB cable, instead of a USB-C cable.

If Kodak says it is “excited ” At the idea of ​​soon launching this new limited edition Super 8 camera, reactions from Internet users remain mixed for the month. While many praise the merits of the Super 8, there are many who complain about the lack of USB-C on the one hand, but also (and above all) about a price that seems far too high. .

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