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Too many motorists ignore this warning light, although it warns of imminent danger

If this indicator light comes on on your car's dashboard, it is strongly recommended that you repair it. to stop.

Green, orange, red. These are not only the colors of traffic lights but also those most commonly found on a car dashboard. In today's all-electronic age, the indicator lights sprout like hotcakes behind the steering wheel to give the driver maximum information about the vehicle. condition of his vehicle. Engine, headlights, battery, fuel gauge… all the main elements are entitled to adjustment. their little symbol. The different indicator lights all have a useful purpose. but not the same importance. D'où their color.

If a red light has already come on, on During one of your journeys, you have undoubtedly experienced a major moment of stress. Especially since many motorists do not know the meaning of all these little logos drawn on the dashboard, which does not fail to accentuate the anxiety. Not all of these witnesses have the same importance. When the battery light comes on, it is often too late. But &agrav; apart from the fact of no longer being able to restart your car – Of course it's not funny – you don't risk much. This is not the case for all symbols. Especially the one with an exclamation point & inside a circle itself surrounded by a circle parentheses. Does it mean anything to you?

On some car models, this light comes on in the same location as the brake light. hand. This indicator light is used to alert the driver of a problem with the braking system. It's never very reassuring when you're driving, but it's better to know. Most of the time, it indicates that the brake fluid level is too low. It's a signal ' take very seriously as this can be synonymous with deterioration of the brake pads. When the light is red, your car's brakes may already be not working. more like they should. Worrying, no?

To avoid danger, it is strongly recommended that you to quickly go to a garage. A professional will be able to check the condition of the brakes, change the pads if necessary, even if most often adding fluid is enough. This also allows you to check whether the brake fluid reservoir is not leaking. As on the road (lights, prohibition signs, etc.), the red on the dashboard should particularly attract your attention. Red lights indicate a major malfunction in the vehicle. When one of them lights up, it alerts the driver of a possible danger and encourages them to take action. go to a mechanic as soon as possible. It is also recommended to stop the engine when this happens, quit à finish your journey &agrav; feet or &agrav; call à a tow truck.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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