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What is the small fabric loop on seat belts for ?

We use the seat belt. &agrav; every time we get into the car, yet many motorists do not know what to do. what is the little loop on it for?

In a car, seat belts are there to protect occupants in the event of an accident or sudden braking. They play a crucial role in restraining the driver and passengers and minimizing the risk of serious injury in a possible impact. Few people know it, but the seat belt has only been compulsory in France since 1979. Before that, the occupants of a vehicle had the freedom to attach it or not without risking anything in the event of an inspection. island by law enforcement. As for their lives, however…

If we use it today ' each of our movements, the seat belt still keeps a few little secrets for many motorists. Aside from mechanically attaching it before starting the engine, have you already attached it? noticed that the belts had a small fabric buckle as if they had to be sewn to make them a little shorter? If this has never caught your attention, throw it away Take a look at it the next time you go up to the hotel. inside your car. That still doesn't tell you what's going on. what is this loop for, or even if it simply has a use.

The answer is yes. This loop which could be related to a simple addition of fabric to the belt is called an "energy management loop" by professionals. In fact, when a car suffers a violent impact during an accident and the body of the passengers is thrown into the air, forward, the row of small seams on the buckle will break under pressure. This is not because the seams were bad but precisely to allow the seams to fit properly. the belt to unfold a few additional centimeters and thus be able to cushion the shock suffered a little more. Note that this small buckle is only sewn on the passenger belts, in fact if you look at the driver's belt you will find it. instead a small button which performs another function.

If the seat belts are worn continue to save lives every day, some reluctant drivers get behind the wheel without buckling them up. This violation of the Highway Code is punishable by a fine of 135 euros (4th class) which is accompanied by a withdrawal of 3 points on the driving license. An unsecured passenger risks the same fine, less &agrav; 90 euros if paid within three days (the driver is held responsible if the passenger is under 18). On the other hand, passengers cannot lose points on their driving license if they have one.

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