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Torrent, streaming: crazy piracy figures revealed

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How's the hacking going? Very good, thanks for him. The analysis company MUSO, in partnership with the consulting firm Kearney, has just published a report on this phenomenon in 2023. To see more clearly, the experts sifted through data including 730,000 films and series on many portals.

A striking figure from the outset, since we note that these illegal sites recorded 141 billion visits last year, an increase of 12 % compared to 2019, and of 10  ;nbsp;% compared to 2022.

In detail, it is the films and series which are the most pirated (65% of visits). Anime accounts for a quarter of the total, while live sports and other types of broadcasts represent around 10% of the total observed.

France, world champion of piracy ?

Geographically, Europe ranks at the top of the charts inglorious with 34 visits per inhabitant. This is more than North America (26), which is ahead of South America (13) and Asia-Pacific (5).

Si we refer to the countries, the top 4 revealed by Torrent Freak, includes the United States and India, which each represent 11% worldwide visits to pirate sites, ahead of Russia (6%) and the United Kingdom (3%).

It should also be noted that this report does not take into account IPTV. This is therefore a real blind spot, because these services have been very widely used by Internet users in 2023. Clearly, these figures may already be staggering, but they greatly underestimate piracy on a global scale. .

Quoted by our colleagues, Christophe Firth from Kearney, wants to see the glass half full: « The global increase in video content piracy is worrying. However, with a slight adjustment of perspective, this also becomes an opportunity for media companies who can change their approach to marketing to pirate users and plug revenue leaks.”.

As a reminder, France stood out in a previous MUSO study published in 2022. A little more than 1.7 billion visits to these pirate portals had been recorded in France during the first quarter of that year.

Referring to the number of inhabitants and the total number of people connected to the Internet, our country could pride itself on the title of world piracy champion. The situation has changed relatively little since then, and we recently talked about the thunderous success of IPTV.

What do you think of this evolution of piracy observed in recent years in the world and in France ? Tell us in the comments.

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