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Two girls attacked with a knife in Alsace: act of an unbalanced person or terrorist gesture ?

Two little girls were taken into custody. attacked with a knife Souffelweyersheim, a commune north of Strasbourg in Alsace, à proximity of a school on Thursday April 18. The suspect was arrested. arrested and placed on guard &agrav; view.

This Thursday, April 18, around 2 p.m., the gendarmes of the town of Souffelweyersheim, a town north of Strasbourg, had to intervene after two little girls,   aged 11 and 7, were injured in a knife attack. One of the two young girls was standing in front of her school when an armed man attacked her. with a knife, attacked her and injured her neck. The other was with her mother in a square very close to the scene of the first attack. She was é slightly injured neck. The suspect allegedly touched her "while running", according to the press release. of the prosecutor of the Republic of Strasbourg which BFMTV echoes. Both girls have since been released from the hospital and have minor physical injuries. < /p>

Quickly alerted at the time of the attack, the gendarmes went to the scene and were able to arrest the suspect. The man, neé in 1994, wasé placed on guard &agrav; seen "after he rebelled' during the arrest,” specifies the prosecutor, who emphasizes that he has “no criminal record.” In its first reports on the case, which Franceinfo echoes, the prosecution indicated that the young man presented "fragilitiesé s psychiatric conditions, confirming the information from BFM Alasace according to which the suspect would not be in full possession of his mental faculties.

Psychiatric problems, motivations… What we know about the suspect

While in the afternoon the gendarmerie indicated on its side that that the suspect was "not known to the services" and that his motivations “do not seem to be linked to radicalization”, the prosecution indicated, in its press release, that “no” There is no evidence to link these attacks to the a terrorist act. As of Thursday evening, the suspect's motives were still not known. The Strasbourg public prosecutor reported that the 29-year-old man had mentioned the crime. his state of health mental. According to information from BFMTV, the suspect suffers from psychiatric problems and has been out of treatment since last November. In a suicidal state on Wednesday evening, he had since disappeared. An investigation was launched into the matter. open "counts of attempted intentional homicide of minors aged 15  (and rebellion)", announcedé the prosecutor. 

Thursday afternoon, at the time of the events, the management of the school established itself. side where the attacks occurred took the decision to confine the staff and students for the duration of the operation. ration. The parents of the students were however   authorized é come pick up their children around 4 p.m. In a press release, the Bas-Rhin prefecture announced that a "medical-psychological cell" was é implemented in the school. At the same time, the Bas-Rhin prefecture indicated on to be transported in an emergency to hospital h 

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