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Ukraine: Russian missiles on kyiv, Zelensky appeals to the West

Ukraine announced having shot down Thursday à dawn 31 Russian missiles fired at Kiev, the first major attack on the capital since February, occurring after Moscow swore to take revenge for deadly bombings on Russian territory.

After this attack which left 17 injured, President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Westerners to have the “political will” to help his country, specifically calling for anti-aircraft systems such as the American Patriot.

It is “crucial” that the European Union provides more ammunition, he said.

“All missiles were shot down in the Kiev region,” the Ukrainian Air Force said, specifying that the projectiles were two Iskander and Kinjal ballistic missiles and 29 cruise missiles fired by strategic bombers.< /p>

According to the Ukrainian presidency, 13 civilians were injured in several districts of the capital and four others in the Kiev region, the debris of the missiles falling, causing damage and injuries. victims in each bombing.

A source in Ukraine's military intelligence service, known for its daring operations, estimated that “the absolute majority” of these missiles had been aimed at the sites of this structure in Kiev, according to Ukrainian media.

The Russian army, for its part, assured that it had targeted “decision centers, logistical bases and points of provisional deployment” of Ukrainian forces and having “hit all its targets”.

Closer to the front line, one person was killed and six others injured by a Russian ballistic missile which hit an industrial company in Mykolaiv (southern Ukraine) during the day, regional authorities deplored.< /p>

The governor of the neighboring Kherson region reported an elderly woman killed in a bombing on Thursday. In the Donetsk region (east), a Russian strike caused the death of a man while two women were injured in the town of Novogrodivka, according to the regional administration.

Ukraine: Russian missiles on kyiv, Zelensky appeals to the West

Rescue teams in front of a residential building hit by a missile attack in kyiv, March 21, 2024 in Ukraine © AFP – Sergei SUPINSKY

In Kiev, AFP journalists heard loud explosions from 5:00 a.m. (03:00 GMT).

“This terror continues day and night. It is possible to put an end to it thanks to global unity (…) ? This is entirely possible if our partners demonstrate sufficient political will”, assured Mr. Zelensky , stressing that his country “needs support” from the West.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kouleba, for his part urged the American Congress to “save lives” by granting $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, blocked for months due to political struggles between Democrats and republicans.

– Cross bombings –

European leaders meet Thursday and Friday at a summit in Brussels to discuss how to better arm Ukraine and strengthen their countries' defense.

Ukraine: Russian missiles on kyiv, Zelensky appeals to the West

French President Emmanuel Macron (c) and fellow EU leaders before a summit at EU headquarters in Brussels, March 21, 2024 © AFP – Sameer Al-Doumy

The Twenty-Seven must study a plan to use the income generated by hundreds of billions of euros of Russian assets frozen in the EU, an initiative described as “theft” by Moscow which threatened legal action “for decades”.

Vladimir Putin “constructed his maneuver with the idea that the West will never go to Ukraine but will be content to supply weapons. We must show him that he will not be able to use this logic to go through with it, because this idea is not fair”, said, in this context, the Chief of Staff of the French Armies, General Thierry Burkhard, on Thursday.

In eastern Ukraine, Russian forces say they are continuing their slow push, claiming Thursday the capture of the village of Tonenké, west of the town of 'Avdiïvka, conquered in February.

Ukraine: Russian missiles on kyiv, Zelensky appeals to the West

Ukraine: positions of military forces © AFP – Valentin RAKOVSKY, Sophie RAMIS, Cléa PECULIER

Throughout last week, that of the presidential election in Russia, bombings and ground incursions by armed fighters from Ukraine increased in the Russian border regions.

Russian officials, led by Mr. Putin, had promised to respond to these attacks, themselves carried out in retaliation for Russian bombings on Ukrainian cities.

The governor of the Russian region of Belgorod, particularly targeted, said that new air attacks had left five people injured.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously claimed to have shot down 10 Ukrainian RM-70 Vampir rockets.

Ukraine: Russian missiles on kyiv, Zelensky appeals to the West

A building hit by an air attack in Belgorod, March 21, 2024 in Russia © AFP – STRINGER

The day before, three people were killed and four injured in a series of “massive” Ukrainian bombings on a border district in the Belgorod region, according to authorities.

Faced with these bombings, Russian regional authorities temporarily closed schools in border areas this week. Checkpoints must also be set up at the entrance to several villages close to Ukraine, scenes of recent armed incursions.

On the other side of the border , in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second city, five people were killed and ten injured on Wednesday in a Russian strike in broad daylight, according to an updated report from the regional prosecutor's office.

And last week, at least 20 people were killed and 70 injured in Odessa, in one of the deadliest Russian attacks on the major southern Ukrainian port.

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