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Ultra flexible and efficient, the new Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 revolutionizes housekeeping

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Housekeeping is rarely a task to which we dedicate ourselves to cheerfully. It’s certain: you have better things to do. However, it is essential to clean your home for a healthy and pleasant environment. Tineco has the solution: its new Tineco Floor One Stretch S6. This little gem of technology simplifies your daily life since it vacuums up dust and washes your floors with great water with disconcerting simplicity.

Between its featherweight and 180° tilt capacity, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 will completely change the way you do housework. It has never been so simple and pleasant. Tineco intends to present its new vacuum cleaner in the best possible way. For the very first time in the world, the brand. The opportunity to discover in action.

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6: for cleaning without limits!

Nothing stops the new Tineco Floor One Stretch S6. This cordless vacuum cleaner goes further to save you time and energy every day. With a power of 220W, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 is incredibly efficient.

But more than just a vacuum cleaner, this device can count on multiple technologies to thoroughly clean your entire home. Using Tineco's exclusive 3-layer wastewater separation technology, solids, liquids and air are effectively separated. Results ? Relentless efficiency, in all positions, and even more complete cleaning. No stubborn stain is resistant to Tineco Floor One Stretch S6. Three versatile cleaning modes are available, depending on your needs.

Tineco's innovative MHCBS™ technology ensures continuous delivery of fresh water from the roller, for optimal cleaning in all circumstances.

Ultra flexible and efficient, the new Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 revolutionizes housekeeping

© Tineco

The Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 has small heads that can go in different directions for efficient work. Its 180° tilt capacity allows it to get into the most difficult to access places. So you will be able to slide under all your furniture: bed, sofa, cupboards… When it is fully tilted, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 measures only 13 cm. An exceptional thinness… In addition, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 is particularly light. With its featherweight of only 4.5 kilograms, it is really easy to handle. Enough to relieve you during your cleaning sessions.

Its battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh gives it a remarkable autonomy of 40 minutes. This is more than enough to clean your home effectively and thoroughly.

Always with the aim of simplifying your daily life, the Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 has self-cleaning features with hot water (70°C) and self-drying with hot air (70°C). A few minutes to get this done. This way, you don't have to worry. As soon as your cleaning is finished, your Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 is already ready to go.

To discover in the world's first Tineco pop-up store in Paris!

This month of June 2024, Tineco is launching its very first pop-up store in the world. Good news: it is opening its doors in Paris, in the 3rd arrondissement to be more precise. From June 7 to 9, 2024, . It’s the perfect time to discover the brand new Tineco Floor One Stretch S6.

To celebrate its arrival on the market, Tineco is not doing things by halves. In addition to an exclusive presentation in Paris, the brand's new vacuum cleaner-washer benefits from an unprecedented 10% discount. Marketed at 599 euros, for a few days. It's up to you to take advantage of it before it's too late!

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