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Watch for the arrival of this new button in Gmail, it will allow you to read your emails twice as fast

Google's messaging service is preparing for the future. integrate a new button that is really very useful for its many users.

In the race for the market technology, Google is banking on adding new functions to constantly improve its well-known tools, the search engine, YouTube, and even Gmail. Improvements which are particularly in line with the desire to of the American giant to make the lives of its users easier. And Google understands this well: today, the average Internet user is increasingly ready to use their website. the search for time savings, à at home and at work. He therefore turns to the tools that offer the most efficiency. and speed in their use.

One example among others: emails. Since their arrival, they have shaped the daily lives of many people, particularly employees. Instant messaging may be increasingly used, but email still constitutes the king of communication today. According to the sources of a statistical study published on February 6, 2024, every day, no less than 361.6 billion electronic mails are sent. sent and received all over the world. Forecasts are expected to reach 392.2 billion in 2026 according to German data portal Statista. As a result, the number of emails should continue to increase over the years.

Watch for the arrival of this new button in Gmail, it will allow you to read your emails twice as fast

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How to find your way through these often full mailboxes. Savvy customers have recently spotted this problem. a new feature in development by Google. The latter should integrate Gemini Artificial Intelligence into the Gmail messaging service. This appears here in the form of a button, “summize this email”, located in the box below. below the email subject. Initially, it would be accessible to professionals with a Google Workspace profile, on the mobile application.

The AI ​​would thus facilitate reading and summarize emails that are sometimes long and tedious in a single click, saving significant time. It could make summaries even more beneficial by taking into account the communication style and history of each user.

No announcement has been made. made recently regarding a list of compatible devices, but Google suggests generalized use for consumers with an account opened with it. their email. The AI ​​will also make it possible, in part, to browse users' discussion threads to prevent them from doing it themselves. Unfortunately, we will have to wait since no official date has been released. communicated for the arrival of this “summ” on the messaging service of your smartphones.

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