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100% free, the Indy pro account is perfect for freelancers

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Today, there are more than 10 million self-employed workers in France. If they chose freedom, they face many other problems. One of the first things to think about when starting out as a freelancer is creating a professional account.

With its free, no-obligation and 100% online pro account, Indy positions itself as the ideal solution for independents. Barely launched. We'll explain everything you need to know about this new gem.

A 100% free pro account for freelancers

The idea of ​​becoming self-employed is both exciting and motivating. Despite many advantages, multiple obstacles await you. In addition to having to find your clients, you have to open your professional account, go through a mountain of administrative procedures, never forget to make your declarations to Urssaf, make quotes and invoices, put on an accountant's hat&#8230 ; All this, in addition to your main activity.

Being independent can sometimes be a real obstacle course. This is why Indy launched its all-in-one application. Thanks to the platform, everything is remarkably simple. You will be able to create and manage your activity independently without having to worry.

If your business is based in the European Economic Area, you can open a professional account with Indy. It’s free, no obligation and 100% online. With a French IBAN, a Mastercard (virtual and physical), SEPA transfers, bank direct debits and constant support, you are ready to pay your service providers and be paid by your customers.

100% free, the Indy pro account is perfect for freelancers

© Indy

Create and manage your activity independently

But Indy also offers the possibility of creating your business, doing your accounting in an ultra-simplified way, managing expense reports by photo, making personalized quotes and invoices. This is the main thing when you start your independent activity, and it’s free. Hard to resist. The application is simple and intuitive, and if you have the slightest doubt, Indy advisors are at your disposal. On average, you get a response within four minutes!

If you have not yet created your business, Indy allows you to take this step in the best conditions. The company supports you free of charge in creating your business: choice of the most suitable legal form, tax regime, remuneration, aid… With Indy, creating your business is very simple: you fill in your information, transfer your documents and Indy takes care of the rest!

To grow your business, you have access to documentation, articles and webinars and help from their advisors via their very responsive chat. To never be called to order by Urssaf, you are also notified of upcoming deadlines. That’s always a good thing! Managing your daily life as a freelancer has never been easier than with Indy. All administrative tasks are simplified and you have a pro account at your disposal. Enough to free you from the weight of independence and be able to evolve in complete autonomy.

You have every reason to trust Indy. With already 80,000 users, Indy is making them happy. The all-in-one platform has an average rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot based on more than 4,000 reviews. Simple, without input and without calculation, its intuitiveness explains its success. Let us point out that Indy is 100% compliant with tax standards and that you can therefore trust it.

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Go without an accountant from €12 per month

Being independent also means having to make mandatory and particularly laborious declarations. Thus, the Indy Premium offer supports you to go further and complete your closing easily: let yourself be guided through around twenty steps to declare your tax package in a few hours and without error.

Without commitment, Indy Premium is available from 12 euros per month. It is on average four to five times cheaper than an accountant. As you can see, Indy is a complete solution that can be adapted to your needs.

As it is time to close the 2023 fiscal year, Indy is particularly generous. For just a few days, . Resumption of your history since January 1, 2023 is also free: enough to carry out your 2023 accounting for free, and test their software without obligation. You can benefit from this exceptional offer by clicking directly .

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