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We tested the car of the year 2024, this detail posed a problem for us

“We tested the car of the year 2024, this detail posed a problem for us”

This new Renault offers new generation equipment which will not appeal to everyone.

The new Renault Sénic, revamped &agrav; The start of the 2023 school year has already begun. seduced by its revisited look. Five months after unveiling its new silhouette, the former minivan turned SUV has been designated Car of the Year 2024 by a panel of automotive professionals and journalists. It must be said that the Sénic has changed a lot; since the first generation left the factory in 1996. Its fifth opus, with a modern design and elegant ;glove, has many tricks up its sleeve. Especially since it benefits from the latest generation of equipment capable of filling potential future buyers.

Its digital central rearview mirror, already available seen on the new electric Mégane, is one of them. But, unlike &agrav; other options, like remote camera 360° to facilitate maneuvers, this new type of retro will not only make people happy. Unlike &agrav; a classic rearview mirror, which is nothing other than a mirror, to see what is happening behind you. At the rear of the vehicle, the digital rearview mirror sends back images taken by a small camera. In this new, entirely electric Sénic, it has beené placed à inside the passenger compartment, which is ingenious since weather conditions, particularly rain, do not affect not the quality of the image. This one is particularly clear, as if we were looking at a surveillance screen.

But then, what's the problem?? It's up to you. use that we realize that there is a catch. Test early March in Spain & the opportunity for testing reserved for you the press, this new generation rearview mirror did not impress us. in the eye. Or rather yes, but not in the good sense of the word. The furtive shift of looking from the road to the rearview mirror is very unpleasant, to the point of giving the impression for a few moments of having a slight dizziness or like motion sickness.

It didn't bother me. everyone, but several experts present on this test felt this unpleasant sensation. It seems possible that everyone's eyesight adapts more or less well to this. the image of the high definition camera which, moreover, somewhat modifies the perception of distances with the vehicles behind. Fortunately, for those who are bothered by this, it is possible to easily go back to normal. a traditional rearview mirror. A tab located behind the rectangular case, the same as when switching from day mode to night mode, allows you to switch back to a different setting. ;classic rearview mirror and its good old mirror. Phew!

Everyone will have their own opinion on this new technology, already proven by certain manufacturers, including on exterior mirrors as was the case with Audi, one of the forerunners in this area. ;egrave;re. Regardless, it is useful to remember the importance of using the central rearview mirror of a car. It allows the driver to keep an eye on the vehicles following them at a glance. through the rear window without having to turn around. This is particularly valuable for facilitating maneuvers, whether changing lanes safely or changing lanes. or when we perform a slot.

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