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All motorists will have to lose this habit in a few days, here is the date to remember

This gesture that all motorists make at least once a year is intended to help them. &agrav; will disappear in the coming days.

New developments keep coming in the world of automobiles, and not just in terms of car models. The evolution towards everything digital will change the habits of many motorists everywhere. short and medium term. Since February 14, 2024, driving license holders have the possibility of applying for a license. to dematerialize their piece of pink paper dedicated to &agrav; completely disappear in 2033. The registration document will soon follow the same path. And we have known for several months that the insurance certificate will soon no longer be physical, which is sure to disrupt the routine of millions of motorists.

Every year, a few days before the annual renewal of the insurance contract, each driver receives their certificate and insurance certificate by mail. The small sticker (the certificate) is à Detach it to attach it to the vehicle's windshield. Formerly hexagonal in shape, today square, this badge allows law enforcement to check the validity of the sticker at a glance. oacute; of the contract. On it we find the name of the company. insurance, the contract number and the period it covers. Larger, the certificate, often intended for sleep in the box à gloves, also brings together the main information of the contract, in particular its validity date. and the model name of the insured vehicle.

But in a few days, no one will get their car insurance from their mailbox. Don't be surprised, this won't mean that your insurance company has forgotten about you. The dematerialization of the green sticker is approaching soon. big steps since it will be effective on April 1, 2024. From this date, proof that a vehicle benefits from insurance will be provided by consulting the File of Insured Vehicles (FVA), which will compile all automobile insurance contracts in French territory. ais. It's & With the help of this file, the police will be able to carry out their checks.

This reform was implemented adopted to simplify the administrative life of the French as well as that of automobile insurers. The latter spent on average 60 million euros each year to print a little more than 50 million documents intended for use by the public. their clients. France is only following a movement that is already happening. instituted in many European countries. This dematerialization should allow Some motorists, perhaps the most airheaded, avoid being fined for forgetting to remember. to change their sticker on the windshield of their car or to have "égaré" their certificate. This failure to present is punishable for a few more days by a fine of 35 euros.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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