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What are these mysterious black spots on car windshields for ?

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Whether you are a motorist or not, you have certainly noticed small black dots on car windshields. Although one might think that this is a simple aesthetic detail, it is not.

These black spots play a vital role in protecting and insulating your car. We'll explain everything to you.

Your car has a frit

These mysterious black spots are actually < strong>a special ceramic coating called “fritte”. This frit plays a vital role in the protection and functionality of the windshield. Although often ignored, these points are omnipresent and essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

The main role of these black spots is to preserve the urethane sealant, used to bond the glass to the car frame. This sealant ensures that the windshield remains firmly in place, ensuring passenger safety. The frit acts as an intermediate contact point between the glass and the frame, providing a stronger and more durable bond.

Temperature distribution and aesthetics

These black points also allow a more uniform distribution of temperatureon the surface of the glass. In the sun, the black stripe heats up more quickly than the rest of the windshield. It thus reduces the optical distortion caused by the heating of the glass, distorting straight lines and hindering the driver's visibility. The black dots help dissipate and distribute this heat more evenly, reducing the risk of optical distortion and ensuring better visibility.

Finally, these little black dots play also an aesthetic role. They provide a smooth transition between the dark strip and the transparent glass of the windshield. This subtle transition can be seen as more pleasing to the eye, through the creation of a halftone pattern or dot matrix that gradually decreases in size.

  • The black spots serve to preserve the urethane sealant, essential for holding the windshield in place.
  • They help with even heat distribution across the glass, reducing optical distortion and improving visibility.
  • These points also provide an aesthetic transition softer between the dark strip and the transparent glass of the windshield.

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