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The 3 good news of the week

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It’s well known that the media never talk about trains arriving on time. So much so that following the news can be totally depressing. Without denying the great threats and difficulties facing our times, there is also very good news that sometimes reaches us and which is not relayed enough. To ignore them is to condemn yourself to despair. Here are three recent pieces of information that make us smile again.

These countries have eradicated deadly diseases

In 2023, several countries have managed to put an end to deadly diseases. This is the case of Bangladesh which overcame visceral leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease and public health scourge.

We can also mention Iraq which put an end to trachoma, an infectious disease that is the world's leading cause of blindness. Finally, let us mention Belize which had no cases of malaria last year according to the WHO, while a new 80% protective vaccine is now available.

China's emissions expected to decline this year

As China now focuses heavily on renewable energy, its emissions are expected to begin to reduce this year. This country, the world's largest polluter, nevertheless experienced several peaks in emissions last year, but a major positive shift should occur in the coming months and the investments should bear fruit. Good news for the Middle Kingdom, and for the rest of the world, because the problem is global.

The Amazon is regaining color

Still in the register of concrete progress, the rate of deforestation in the Amazon fell by 55.8% in 2023 compared to its level of the previous year. An advance that can be attributed to the voluntarism of President Lula who made it a hobby horse, unlike his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro.

This result was made possible by firmer enforcement of environmental laws and increased repression of illegal mining companies, according to our colleagues at Positive News. An objective has also been affirmed by the Brazilian authorities: to achieve a complete halt to Amazonian deforestation by 2030.

That’s it for this week. If you liked this article, you can always reread the previous part of this section to find other good news that has gone relatively unnoticed.

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