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What do the French think of artificial intelligence ? (Not all good things)

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The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI), symbolized by the launch of ChatGPT, continues to arouse keen interest on a global scale. However, an IFOP survey for LearnThings reveals that the feelings of the French towards this technology are far from unanimous, especially in the world of work.

Because a major concern is emerging: the fear of the replacement of millions of human jobs by AI or even robots doped with AI. The French view of human-level AI is also revealing.

The French mainly fear a negative impact on their jobs

Although 64% believe that machines will eventually perform the same tasks as humans, a strong majority (87%) do not want this to happen. “Distrust remains very strong among the population as to the consequences that could result from the existence of artificial intelligences that think and act with capacities identical, or even superior, to ours” , comments on the investigation.

As for the risk of humans losing control over AI, 65% of French people do not yet believe in the disaster scenario – but 35% believe at the same time that AI could one day govern humanity alone; a more pronounced fear among older generations (42% of the 50-59 year old category).

More generally, a little more than half of French people (51% ) say they are worried, while a third remain indifferent and only 14% say they are really enthusiastic. The study continues by evoking the feeling of exercising a profession with a future – which has decreased considerably since 1972 according to their survey, going from 37% to only 13% in 2024.

This evolution seems to reflect, among other things, economic changes linked to mass unemployment , relocations, globalization, the explosion of the internet and online commerce… “Added to this observation is the emergence of artificial intelligence, which many French people fear, as we will see later, that it will endanger their employment and, at least, the interest that 'they find there”, completes the study.

Paradoxically, the professional use of AI is on the rise, particularly among young people, men and business leaders. However, this adoption is often carried out in secret and without adequate training, revealing a cautious integration of AI into the professional environment. More interesting, however: “two thirds of employees (63%) indicate that they have not been trained and, above all, do not want to be trained when 27% aspire to it opposite”.

A phenomenon significantly more marked among women than among men. For 40% of employees, AI could ultimately replace a large part of their professional tasks. This prospect raises concerns about the sustainability of employment, and the positive aspects of AI are increasingly called into question.

The study concludes by noting that tensions linked to the use of AI remain rare in companies, but also that they could multiply in the future. 8217;future. ”As soon as the subject becomes a reality and training is offered, we see a sharp increase in conflicts”, concludes l&# 8217;IFOP.

  • The French are divided on AI: an IFOP study reveals that 22% would use it at work, often in secret, but 87% do not want it. 8217;human-level AI.
  • The study also reveals fears around employment: 40% think that ;#8217;AI will replace their jobs, and the majority are concerned about the impact on jobs and equality.
  • The use of AI is increasing, but so far there is little training.

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